We are pleased to offer Registration & Online Payments via Amilia -

Sessions are:

$80/hour 1:1 with an OCT Certified Teacher ($640/month)

$65/hour 1:1 with a University Degree with teaching experience/Teacher Candidate in Teacher's College ($520/month)

$60/hour with a College Diploma (with teaching experience), University Degree/ECE/SNA ($480/month)

$55/hour with a University Graduate ($440/month)

$50/hour with a University Student ($400/month)

$40/hour with a High School student ($320/month)

Monthly payments are due on the date that you registered.

 There are other payment options - Yearly & 2 Installments.

Your monthly payment is due on the day that you register unless you choose to pay in Full or Bi-Annually..

A late payment fee of $75 will be required to continue tutoring for that month. Accounts must be in good standing to continue in the program at the risk your day/time being forfeited.

NO REFUNDS: If there are any missed sessions within reason, they will be rescheduled to the best of our ability

We want our families to be 100% happy with their choice. The first two sessions are considered a trial, if you choose to withdraw your child, a full refund will be issued within this time frame.  Tuition will be refunded as per the pro-rated amount for the month following cancellation.

For example, if you give notice of cancellation on April 1, your cancellation will begin May 1st. 


In certain situations, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for the costs incurred here at Beaches Reading Clinic for both assessment and tutoring services. Since the 1999 Federal Budget, remuneration paid for supplementary tutoring for persons with learning disabilities, or other mental impairments has been considered as medical expenses if a medical practitioner has certified that the person is in need of such services. This medical expense is provided per subsection 118.2(2) of the Income Tax Act. Amounts reimbursed by insurance companies would not qualify as an expense paid by you.

Each month we will provide you with an Invoice clearly stating the amount you spent with us each month. Please note that for tax purposes, eligibility for deduction is based on monies received by us during that tax year. Invoices are deductible in the calendar year in which they are paid.
Beaches Reading Clinic makes no guarantee (implied or expressed) that this tax deduction is applicable to your situation. We provide this information for your convenience, and you are advised to seek your own independent tax advice as each situation must be examined on its own merit. 


The Barton System requires a serious commitment. The attendance policy is in place to ensure that each student meets the minimum requirement of 2 hours/week for 12 months for success. Unavoidable missed sessions will be made up or can be banked for Summer or the following year school year.

“Once a week is not enough. Do not start the Barton System if you can only tutor once a week. That is not frequent or intense enough for it “to stick.” Susan Barton

We must provide at least 2 hours of one-on-one tutoring each week. A tutoring session should not last for more than an hour. So that means we must provide at least two tutoring sessions a week. (Exceptions will be made for older students who can do a 2-hour session/week as well as extenuating circumstances such as illness and family vacations– BRC Policy). When your family has made a commitment to the Barton System, you essentially cross of their calendar during those days & times. Please try your very best to not schedule other things during your time. To ensure your child fully benefits from the Barton System, the times we have scheduled weekly are critical to your child’s success.