The Reading Clinic

2034 Queen St E, 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario

M4L 1J4, Canada

The Reading Clinic offers an array of services and programs.

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Tutoring for Dyslexia

​​​Educational Consulting

  • Reading/interpreting IEP's & Pyscho-Educational Assessments
  • IPRC 
  • Navigating the Special Education Process

​​Educational Advocacy

Supporting parents in navigating the public school Special Education System in terms of School Support Team, In School Team, Identification Placement Review Committee and Intensive Support Program Placements and attending school meetings.

​Diagnostic Assessments

  • KETA- 3 Brief: Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition 
  • Weschler Fundamentals Academic Skills (WFAS)

Free Dyslexia Screening

  • Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen Grades K-3

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