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Sterling Silver

Drop or Post Earrings $50

3/4" Pendant $25

1" Pendant $30

Sm Pendant on 16" Chain, $55

Lg Pendant on 18" Chain $70

Toggle Necklace, $75

Toggle Bracelet, $55

1" Pendant on Leather $45

Key Chain $20

Zipper Pull $15

Dyslexia Awareness Jewelry

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The Reading Clinic

2034 Queen St E, 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario

M4L 1J4, Canada

Check out the p q b d Collection Inspired by the letters p q b d, this jewelry line is symbolic of dyslexia.  It is a myth that dyslexics read backwards. Rather than a visual issue, their tendency to reverse words and letters is part of the way they process information.  These pieces are conversation starters raising awareness about dyslexia and serve to open minds about both the challenges and advantages of dyslexia. 

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14K Gold

Drop or Post Earrings $60

3/4" Pendant $35

1" Pendant $40

​Sm Pendant on 16" Chain $65

Lg Pendant on 18" Chain $80

Pearl Bracelet $65

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