So thankful for the progress our daughter is making thanks to The Beaches Reading Clinic. Monica is a wonderful tutor and highly recommend her.
-Hailey E

Monica, thank you very much for tutoring Kynan as he passes Level 3. We are very proud and recognize it is largely your persistence and coaching him that has helped him achieve this. We look forward to more time with this program. Thanks again.
-Hayden & Jackie

I want you to know that I am *very* sad to write this email! Xavi loves coming to see you, which I never, ever thought I would say with regards to reading practice for him. You clearly have a very special ability to foster meaningful and important relationships with children, and also to encourage them to *want* to learn – Xavi’s always so happy when he comes out of sessions with you. (And I don’t think it’s just because of the dogs). You have made a *world* of difference to our family for these short months; it has been a challenging year, to say the least, and you have been one of the only bright spots in Xavi’s learning. (When he visited his new school yesterday, the principal asked him if he liked learning; he said he didn’t like it at school and that he only liked it with his “English teacher” – that’s you).
-Jeri E

Henry was talking to my mom on the phone and he asked her if he could read some of his story to her! this is HUGE. His sister was even there. He has been soooooo shy for anyone but my husband and I to hear him work on reading. His confidence is growing so beautifully. I can't thank you enough!
- Allison N

Ok thank you so much for the reassurance and for all of your hard work with him. It amazes me how he looks forward to work on his reading with you, when before we started it was a battle getting him to school or to do anything literacy related. I am nervous for Gr.2 because he has really developed such confidence in his ability to learn but the other kids are learning this stuff much faster and I'm nervous he's going to slide back into thinking he's dumb. I'm so grateful we found our way to you.

-Allison N

 Hi Monica,
Wanted to share how great our experience has been with the Beaches Reading Clinic.  When Kynan first started he hated reading and avoided it at all costs.  At fist he was very negative about attending the tutoring classes and fought tooth and nail NOT to go.  But we persevered and  quickly found that he began enjoying his time with you at his tutoring classes and talked about his experiences and learning there.  He also began to read.   At his own will be began to read street signs,  menus, and news bulletins on the television.  We were amazed, as was he.   He found a novel series at the school library that he enjoyed reading and took great pride in finishing each chapter.   I knew we had truly turned a corner when he opened his computer and willingly typed a poem in order to complete his homework one night.  He had new found pride in his reading ability.  It was wonderful to watch as a parent.  He is now on level 4 and we look forward to him completing this level and subsequent levels thereafter.
Thank you for all you do for Kynan.  You are making a big difference in his life.
Jackie and Haydn.